Sage++ Users,

We have added a lot of new code and fixed many bugs since our last
release.  A description of the most recent changes will be sent to you
when we release the new version.  However, considering the size and
complexity of our current distribution, we thought we could improve
reliability by expanding our testing procedures with examples from
_YOUR_ Sage++ code.

We would like to assemble a /contrib directory that we would pass
along as part of the pC++/Sage++ distribution.  This would improve our
testing procedures, as well as provide new users with examples of
Sage++ programs from which they could snip code fragments.

Here is how it would work:

   - You choose a name for your project, for example "fopt" or "UofMD".

   - You create a directory $SAGEROOT/contrib/UofMD

   - You put all the required files into the directory, including a
Makefile and README that briefly explains what the code does, and that
it is freely distributed.

   - The Makefile should these rules:  all, install, clean, test
   - The Makefile target "test" should run your program on a small
sample imput, and compare the output with some "standard".  The
Makefile should return "passed" or exit with an error code (abort the
Makefile).  For example, you may want to run your program on a test
file, create a .dep file, and then unparse the .dep file and compare
it (diff) with a correctly unparsed version.

We would then assemble all the /contrib/* codes and create a Makefile
that decends into each subdirectory and does a "make test".

You will be responsible for updating and debugging your code.
However, since we would have a copy, we could catch some bugs early,
before they are passed along to you or are placed on the archive and

If you are interested in participating, please send us mail at:


After you contact us, we will set up an FTP archive where you can
deposit your code, and we will try and compile it with our latest
version of Sage++.

  --  The Sage