Distinguishing a structure from a typedef


	I'm having some difficulties with user defined types in Sage.
Suppose that the user writes the following code:

	typedef int			Offset;
	struct someStruct {
	typedef struct someStruct	Type;

		Offset	a;
		Type	b;

Sage defines both 'a' and 'b' to be of type T_DERIVED_TYPE. Now, I need
to know whether 'a' or 'b' is really a structure.

What I do is use SgType::symbol() to obtain the symbol for the type and
to that symbol I ask the number of fields it has.
For 'a' I get back 0 and for 'b' I get back whatever number of fields
the structure has.

I tried using other approaches like using SgType::baseType() and
SgType::getTrueType() but I couldn't get them to work. Does anyone has
any suggestion on a better way of doing this? 

Thanks. Diego.

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