Re: Sage++ and Turbo C++

> I wonder if there is any chance of using Sage++ on my Turbo C++
> 386 system at home. Has anyone tried this? 

We (the devlopers) have not.  However, Sage++ compiles with g++, DEC
cxx, SGI NCC, SGI CC, AT&T Cfront, Cray CC, and IBM xlC.  So with a
little help, it can probably be made to compile for Turbo C++.

> Does anybody
> have an archive of mail to this list?

I've added our internal archive to a publicly accessable spot on our
web server.  Go to http://www.extreme.indiana.edu/sage (our home) and
then go to "Mailing Lists".  You will fine a link to "sage-users Mail
Archive".  However, since we have 146 people on the list, we generally
don't use it as a discussion forum, rather, as a way to announce
problems, new releases, etc.  For a discussion of problems/solutions,
sage-bugs is more helpful.  All the "active" developers stay tuned to
that list, it gets more traffic.  It receives several mail messages a
week.  I put a link to the archive on the same page described above.