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Intention of this page is to be community resource where anybody interested in Scientific Workflows can find pointers to current projects and to background information about workflows.

For more background information see Workflow Management Research Group and in particular materials from GGF10 Workflows in Grids workshop (2004/3/9) that provide an interesting snapshot of current activities, see:

We have gathered here pointers and short descriptions of Scientific Workflow projects. We appreciate if you send to us pointers to new projects (and any corrections).

We try to to keep this list as complete and current as possible.


--- Aleksander Slominski , Suresh Marru and Gregor von Laszewski

P.S. European projects K-Wf Grid and CoreGRID I established a "Grid Workflow Forum" at as an open forum for information exchange and discussions about scientific and commercial approaches in the domain of Grid Workflows.

P.S.2 Use ATOM feed to track updates.

This page is always under development and updated frequently!


List of Scientific Workflows (Alphabetical)

Name (link to background info) Status, availability Prerequisites Tooling Workflow
Grid integration Portal integration Comments
Askalon N/A Java SDK 1.4, CoG Java GUI Custom XML language (AGWL) GT3, CoG NA A Grid runtime for AGWL that has resource broker, resource monitoring, (meta)-scheduler etc.
AGWL NA NA NA NA NA NA AGWL is an abstract Grid workflow language for describing workflows (graphs with loops) at a high level of abstraction used in Askalon 
Chimera   Condor DAGMan ? NA Condor ? Built on top of Condor, workflow as solution to provide on-demand data generation ("virtual data")
D2K Multiple License JDK 1.3.1 Java GUI NA ? ? Modules composed into data flow optimized for data mining and KDD (Knowledge Discovery in Databases )
DAGMan Part of Condor, source code under GPL Condor Integrated with Condor command line tools NA Condor, can run on top of GT2 (Condor-G) Under work Part of Condor, very well integrated
Fiswidgets GPL Java (version?) Java GUI custom XML not yet nodomain independent, but designed for processing neuroimaging analyses
GRID superscalar Binaries available upon request (license?)       GT2   Simple makefile like data dependency to describe and execute grid tasks
GridAnt Soon? Java JDK 1.4, CoG Graphical workflow visualizer (ANL) Built on top of Apache ANT via CoG NA Merged ANL GridAnt and NCSA OGRE
GridPort 3.0 alpha J2EE, CoG, JBoss N/A NA via CoG NMI OGCE, Jetspeed, Hotpage 3.0 Non standard description of job sequences
GridNexus 1.0.0 (to be released under open source license) Java JDK 1.4 Built on top of PtolemyII Java GUI Internal DAG is transformed to new scripting language called JXPL (XML based) GT3 Under investigation Main focus on making Drag-and-drop Grid GUI
Grid Service Broker Part of the Gridbus Broker, code available under GPL Java, CoG Command line, Java based Grid API,   GT2, Alchemi Yes, with G-monitor that support multiple devices (?) Supports parametric computing for
   compute and data grids applications. being extended to support advanced workflows.
GRMS GPL Java, CoG command line and GridSphere Web portlet DAG/PetriNet Pre-WS GT yes (GridSphere) GRMS is a persistent GSI-enabled Web Service in GridLab project
GSFL NA (only paper)           Extended WSFL to add Grid support
JOpera for Eclipse BSD Java 1.4 (or above) Eclipse 3.1 Directed Cyclic Labeled Graphs, stored in custom XML format  (Graph Flow Diagrams) - supports cycles WSDL, WSRF, GT4, SSH, Condor Built-in monitoring tools (Eclipse RCP and Web based)  Grid workflows fully integrated with the Eclipse user experience; Extensible with your own plugins to call any kind of service
ICENI SISSL (open source license - certified?) Java Java GUI       Component based dataflow
I-Lab Soon? Java? Java GUI (Visual Grid Job Authoring) GADL is based on Petri Nets GT2 Job Builder Allows graph refinement during execution (such as add file transfer node)
INFORMNET Summer'04? Java? Visualizer? NA GT3 ? uses XML based DAG
Karajan CoG2 CVS
(see CoG2 Manual for details)
Java 1.4, CoG2 command line, API, GUI? Ant like GT2.4, GT3.02, SSH
(future targets: Condor, GT4.0, Unicore)
NMI Aims to be as easy to use as ANT but more workflow oriented
Pegasus ? Condor DAGMan     Condor   Pegaus translates Abstract Workflow (AW) to produce a Concrete Workflow (CW) submitted to Condor's DAGMan
Kepler/PtolemyII Source code availed under Berkeley License Java JDK 1.4, WSIF Java GUI N/A Under work No Uses the MoML XML language to represent workflow
P-GRADE ? C (LINUX, Solaris, IRIX) GUI NA GT2, Condor Supported P-GRADE Workflow Language (DAG based)
SCIRun Available under University of Utah Public License (not free for commercial use - issues raised in GNU) C++ on Linux or IRIX     SDSC SRB, CoG NA Specializes in dataflow visualization
SDSC Matrix Project Apache style Java JDK 14, CoG, servlet container (Tomcat) None N/A CoG   Data Grid Language (DGL)
SWFL NA           Service Workflow Language
Taverna (part of MyGrid) Source code under LGPL license Java JDK 1.4 multiple projects: Freefluo - workflow enactment engine, Taverna Workbench- GUI  designer NA ? via Talisman toolkit that allows scriptable Web UI (not active) new XML language called Scufl that is built to support scientific applications
Teutaa ? Java JDK 1.4 GUI Tool to build UML model UML Activity Diagrams ? ? UML diagram is mapped to Abstract Grid Workflow Language (A-GWL) and then to concrete C-GWL
Triana source code under Apache License Java Java GUI       Part of GridLab

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Additional materials

See Introduction to Workflows and Use of Workflows in Grids and Grid Portals (PPT 1.3MB) and some notes about BPEL implementations from GGF10 (PPT 0.05MB)




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