UK EPSRC e-Science pilot project : myGrid has Workflow component with execution based Workflow Enactment Engine that is replaced by Freefluo. (...) can handle WSDL based web service invocation. It supports two XML workflow languages, one based on IBM's WSFL and another named XScufl that is under development as part of the Taverna Sourceforge project. Freefluo is very flexible, at its core is a reusable orchestration framework that is not tied to any workflow language or execution architecture. Freefluo includes extension libraries that enable execution of workflows written in a subset of WSFL. Support exists for for discovery via standard UDDI and recording of provenance.(...). NOTE: (...) The myGrid project initially developed workflows in IBM's WSFL (Web Services Flow Language), but in May-June 2003 changed to using Scufl.

Taverna Sourceforge Project (Taverna) provides GUI and is based around a new workflow language called Scufl (Simple Conceptual Unified Flow Language) with XML representation called XScufl

myGrid uses SoapLab to provide Web Service interface to performaning experiments (analyses).

Talisman Sourceforge Project looks like the way to provide web frontend (portal) to Taverna defined workflow: (...) Talisman is an open source rapid application development platform with a particular focus on the Bioinformatics domain. Talisman is an interpreter for a logical markup language. This language contains the content and logic of a web (or, in the future, Java Swing) based user interface, including arbitrary datatypes and processing actions. (...)
However as described by Tom Oinn: (...)Talisman is a rather out of date project, while it could be used to build portal interfaces to workflows we don't actually do this, there's an initiative at Nottingham University to build a myGrid portal collection which will include workflow enactment facilities (...)

Generally going in direction of Semantic Grid to use sematics and ontologies to facilitate dynamic service composition.

Additional info: Wiki Workflow Section

Project leader: Dr Carole Goble (Univ of Manchester, UK)

TODO: find out about exact differences between Xscufl and WSFL mentioned on

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