Pegasus, which stands for Planning for Execution in Grids, was developed at ISI as part of the GriPhyN project. Pegasus is a configurable system that can map and execute complex workflows on the Grid. Pegasus has been integrated with the GriPhyN Chimera system. In that configuration, Pegasus receives an abstract workflow (AW) description from Chimera, produces a concrete workflow (CW), and submits it to Condor's DAGMan for execution. The abstract workflow describes the transformations and data in terms of their logical names. The concrete workflow, which specifies the location of the data and the execution platforms, is optimized by Pegasus from the point of view of Virtual Data. If data products described within AW are found to be already materialized (via queries to the Globus Replica Location Service (RLS)), Pegasus reuses them and thus reduces the complexity of CW.
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