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SWFL - Service Workflow Language. From overview page: (...)Our research at Cardiff University in the workflow area was focused mainly on the development of an XML-based description language for scientific service-based workflows, and on an execution environment that takes a workflow as its input, and supervises its execution. The XML-based description language is called Service WorkFlow Language (SWFL), and it extends WSFL by supporting programming constructs, such as loops and conditional execution, commonly used in scientific programming - these are the same loop and conditional constructs found in the Java language. A loop in SWFL can be tagged as sequential or parallel to indicate whether different loop iterations can be run in parallel. In addition, SWFL permits very general data link mappings that allows a greater degree of control over the handling of complex data objects that are input to a service, compared with that available with WSFL. (...)
Investigator: Dr. Yan Huang (Coral)
Implementation is available as part of JISGA (Jini-based Service-oriented Grid Architecture) developed to provided an OGSA-compliant execution environment for Grid applications described in an SWFL document. (...) Service Workflow Language (SWFL) and describes a job by specifying the workflow structure among the services of which it is composed. The automatic processing of such a job involves creating the Java code for the job, compiling the code, loading the class, executing the code, and sending the results to the job submitter. (...) The Workflow Engine provides an execution environment for the composite applications described in SWFL. It allows both blocking and non-blocking job submission, and sequential and parallel job processing. (...) (from http://www.cs.cf.ac.uk/User/Yan.Huang/GridWF/index-content.htm and http://www.cs.cf.ac.uk/User/Yan.Huang/GridWF/JISGA.htm)

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