http://www.unicore.org/ (Commercial verion: UNICOREpro
Overview based on http://www.computingportals.org/meetings/ggf5/docs/GCE_Session_2.23jul2002.doc aand http://www.grid-interoperability.org/Dietmar%20Erwin/UNICORE%20Work%20Flow%20Model.pdf
"	unicore work flow can be modeled by a directed acylic graph (DAG)
"	a unicore job consists of a set of DAGS
"	successors are executed iff all predecessors complete successfully

users ask for
"	conditional execution
"	repeated execution

if then else - added to workflow -
can specify condition to be tested at completion of the job?

other things - user can request rough time of day to run job - eg overnight rather than through the day

workflow implementation
"	part of unicore object hierarchy
o	abstract action: parent class of all unicore actions
"	action group: container for unicore actions
"	abstractJob: actiongrroup which can be run remotely
"	repeatGroup: actions in a loop
"	abstractTask?

Subclasses of done
"	successful
"	not_successful
"	never_run
"	never_taken

this all can be rendered in a graph -

Mary: how do we manage this -
Communication is via a protocol and network job supervisor -
Synchronous - looking at asynchronous

looping constructs

the workflow constructs in unicor allow:
"	automating complex multisite jobs

unicore - open source - at http://www.unicore.org dowload for sw and sources under community license (like Suns' community license). http://www.fz-jeulich.de/unicore-test to try out the system
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