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Mar 31, 2006 - GT4 Installations, MyProxy upgrade

GT4 has been installed on four of our machines, rainier, lead, linbox1 and chinkapin. Enabled services include RFT, WS-GRAM, MDS4, WebMDS, MyProxy, as well as pre-Web Services GRAM and GridFTP. For more details see the GT4 page. The MyProxy server has recently been upgraded and now can act as a certificate granting authority. Now you can always just get a proxy credential when you need it using your extreme lab username and password. For details see the MyProxy CA section of the MyProxy page.

MyProxy Server

Our main MyProxy server is hosted on rainier on the default port of 7512. As of this writing, the version of MyProxy installed is 3.5. Our MyProxy server is configured to allow you to store and retrieve your proxy credentials as well as your end entity credentials. In addition, this MyProxy server has been configured via PAM to allow you to authenticate with your rainier password. This allows it to act as a granting certificate authority. For more details see our MyProxy page.

GT4 Installation

We're currently in the processing of making sure our workflow architecture is compatible with GT4. See the GT4 page for details on what is installed where and how to get started using them.

Live Status Information

We run a script hourly to check on the status of pre-Web Services GRAM and GridFTP. That status script produces the following status page.

We don't have much in the way of live status information for GT4 services, but you can see what is registered in MDS via the WebMDS server on rainier.

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