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LEAD Testbed

Testbed Hardware
Machine Location OS Processor Memory Disk Description
Chinkapin machine room Red Hat EL 3.0 Update 2 Dual Xeon 3.06 GHz 512KB L2 2 GB /data: 1.4 TB Stores and processes weather data

Use /data/tmp as the temp directory for services that need a lot of temporary disk space.

Testbed Software
Package Maintainers Version Location/Architecture User's Guide Sysadmin's Guide
Globus Toolkit machrist 3.0.2 chinkapin available available
ldm machrist 6.0.14 chinkapin available available
ldm-decoders machrist 3.0.4 linux available available
NetCDF machrist 3.5.1 linux available available
NetCDF-Perl machrist 1.2.3 linux available available
OGSA DAI machrist 3.1 chinkapin available available
udunits machrist 1.11.7 linux available available
gridsphere machrist 2.0.2 linux available available
nws machrist 2.12.1 linux available available

Local LEAD Testbed Account Procedure

To request a LEAD Testbed account on our testbed, we require the following pieces of information.

  1. Name
  2. Preferred username
  3. Email address
  4. SSH public key

Send this information to the LEAD Testbed administrator, currently Marcus Christie. Marcus will then forward this information on to the CS Help Desk.

Should you need a regular password and not wish to use SSH key pairs in lieu of a regular password, enter your desired password in this form. It spits out an encrypted version. Email that encrypted string to the LEAD Testbed administrator.

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