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Currently, version 0.5.2 of TinyCA is installed in
/l/esysadm/packages/noarch/TinyCA/0.5.2. While TinyCA is written in Perl and is thus architecture neutral, the Perl modules that TinyCA needs are built in an architecture specific way. Currently, I've only built the modules on Solaris.

Here are the installation steps:

Download the tar-ball from the web site
Unpack tar-ball into directory where you want to install TinyCA (no compilation is needed).
Download the required modules and build them into the architecture specific Perl module directory. For the Solaris build, this meant building and then installing the Perl modules in
/l/esysadm/arch/solaris/lib/perl. Here are the modules that had to be built (depending on your system, you may or may not need all of these; you may want to try running TinyCA first and then see which modules are missing).
Gtk-Perl ( Download latest from
XML::Writer ( Download from
gettext-1.01. Download latest from
Installation of Perl modules is pretty standard. Just make sure to install into the appropriate directory as explained above.

Marcus A Christie