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First, we need to create a shell script that will make the Perl modules we just installed available to Perl and that will then launch the TinyCA executable. I create the shell script in the directory
/l/esysadm/packages/noarch/TinyCA/0.5.2 containing the following:


export PERL5LIB

cd /l/esysadm/packages/noarch/TinyCA/0.5.2
This sets up the Perl module libraries that we just installed and then calls TinyCA.

Next, we need to modify the TinyCA script so that it points to the proper location of openssl. I changed line 52 of the tinyca script from

$init->{'opensslbin'} = "/usr/bin/openssl";
$init->{'opensslbin'} = "/l/ssl/bin/openssl";

Finally, we need to create a link in the architecture specific bin/ directory to the shell script we created above. In /l/esysadm/arch/solaris/bin, I issued the following command:

ln -s /l/esysadm/packages/noarch/TinyCA/0.5.2/ \

Marcus A Christie