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Deploying/Undeploying a Grid Service to the Container

First of all, you need to generate a gar file for your Grid Service. Please see the GT3 Programmer's Tutorial for information and helpful scripts for generating gar files.

To work with the GT3 container, you'll need to ssh to the machine that you want to work with as user globus. If you haven't already done so, set up the environment for user globus as described in Section 1.1. Begin by changing to the /usr/local/globus directory. Issue the following:

ant deploy
Where gar_name is the name of your gar file.

To undeploy a Grid Service, change to the /usr/local/globus directory and run the following:

ant undeploy
For example, let's suppose you had deployed the gar file myGridApp.gar. To undeploy it you would use ant undeploy

Marcus A Christie