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User's Guide

Software Packages

All software packages are managed in /l/local/packages. The naming convention is as follows:

/l/local/packages/<package name>/<version>/

Links to the "default" versions of packages are maintained at /l/local. Therefore, it is often sufficient to add /l/local/bin to your path in order to access the software in the lab. Likewise, you may want to add /l/local/lib to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH and /l/local/lib/python to your PYTHONPATH.

If a server is provided as part of the software package, it is usually installed locally on a machine at /usr/local. If one server is sufficient for the whole lab, the server is installed at rainier.

Click here for a listing of software supported by our lab.

Note: /l/local is only visible to extreme machines. Use /l/extreme/local if you want to acess these packages from non-extreme machines.

Home Directories

Home directories are hosted on 3 machines:

  • Extreme! lab members: rainier @ /home/user1
  • GrADS accounts: caledonia @ /home
  • Guest accounts: linbox1 @ /home/user2

Your home directory is accessible from all machines via the link /u/<username>. All home directories are backed up nightly.

Extra Disk Space

Additional disk space is available at /nfs/rainier/home/user2 and is also backed up nightly. Anyone in the esysadm group can create a directory for themselves in there. Additional disk space is scattered about the various machines. Click here to find where it is located. Note that much of this space is not backed up so store data at your own risk.

Additionally, there is about a terabyte of storage on xraid in /nfs/xraid/home/user1. This disk space is implemented as a RAID array; it is not backed up but should be reasonably stable. We currently store software packages here, and it would be a good space for large chunks of data that you only need temporarily or that can be recreated. If you would like a directory here let Marc know and he can create one for you.

If you have larger data storage needs, please use HPSS.

Shared Data

All shared data is accessible from /l/local/repository. This includes our CVS repository, component examples, and shared documents. This directory is backed up nightly.

Note: /l/local/repository is only visible to extreme machines. Use /l/extreme/local/repository if you want to acess this data from non-extreme machines.

Our maven repository is available at The repository is available on the file system at /l/extreme/java/repository. To enable maven for our repository add the following lines to your ~/ file:

maven.repo.central = = /l/extreme/java/repository
maven.username = USERNAME = cat

and replace USERNAME with your username. Then you can run maven jar:deploy to deploy your jar to the repository.

In addition, there is also the /u/ewww/dist/mirror repository for creating a local mirror of java artifact dependencies. This is then accessible at


Lab machines that are not currently being used as desktops or are fileservers (e.g., linbox1) are clustered underneath a desk in 316 and are connected to a KVM. To switch machines on the KVM (beige Raritan box), click the KVM's 'channel' button. In the case of switching between an SGI and either Sun or Linux box, see the instructions written on top of the KVM device. Channel selections are:

  1. linbox1
  2. palomar
  3. lump
  4. snowdon
  5. gromit

The lab has one laptop, radha, which is available for general use. It's location varies from desktop to desktop depending on who has been using it so just send mail to labrats if you can't locate it. Likewise, if you're traveling and want to take radha with you, just email labrats first. All information about radha is included in this help page.


One of the efforts of the GrADS project is a inter-site testbed. Click here for details on how to use it.

Other testbed efforts under way are the LEAD and OGCE testbeds. More information will be provided on these soon.

Lab Web Site

The lab's web site is stored under the user ewww's home directory (/u/ewww). While it is possible to edit those files directly, it is highly recommended that you use the CVS repository for your web pages. The CVS repository is located in /l/extreme/cvs , and the web pages are in the docs/web module.

Instructions on updating the lab publications page are provided.

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