WS-Messenger (WSMG)

IU WS-Notification & WS-Eventing Implementation

1. Introduction

WS-Messenger is an implementation of latest WS-Notification and WS-Eventing. It is developed by Extreme Lab at Indiana University. It is based on the latest version of WS-Notification specification (3/5/2004) and WSRF specification (1/20/2004) and WS-Eventing specification (8/2004). The Web service interfaces are developed using XSUL toolkit developed at Indiana University.

WS-Messenger supports both WS-Notification and WS-Eventing. The message format can be automatically converted between the two specifications. The subscription request type (Ws-Notification or WS-Eventing) for a listener determines the message format that the notification consumer will receive. If WS-Notification subscription request is received by the broker, it will send WS-Notification messages to the listener. Similarly, if WS-Eventing subscription is received by the broker, the broker will produce WS-Eventing messages for that listener. The publisher can publish messages in any format. It makes no difference to the notification consumers.

The Web service interfaces have been tested in "WS-ResourceFramework and WS-Notification Interop Workshop" in April 2004 and the result shows that they can interop with other providers successfully.

2. Available Features

WS-Messenger provides basic Publish/Subscribe functions specified by WS-Notification and WS-Eventing. More features are under development.

3. Download(Version 1.76.2)

The implementation is open source with Extreme Lab license. It can be downloaded at here. (Version 1.76.2, 5/7/2007)

Earlier versions are available here.

Maven repository is here.

4. Documentation

User Guide is available at here.

API Guide is available here.

5. GUI tools

WS-Messenger also provides some GUI tools to help you monitoring the broker, debugging and manage the subscription.

(1) WS-Eventing Listener GUI

WS-Eventing Listener GUI is useful for monitoring the event traffic and debugging in the distributed systems. This GUI can listen to the events sent by the broker.

You can download the executable jar file from here. Then double click it to run it. You can also run it using this command:

java -jar WseViewer.jar

The notification listener GUI is a notification consumer. It waits for notifications to arrive at the port specified by the "port" you set in the GUI. When you click the "Start" button, it subscribes to the broker and starts the listener. When you click the "Stop" button, it will stop the listener and unsubscribe. You can click "Clear Messages" button to clear the messages in the text area.

If you are behind a firewall, you can select "MsgBox URL" to specify a message box location. The message viewer will periodically "pull" messages from a message box. The default value "" is a message box running at our Extreme lab (It may not be running all the time. Let me know if you need it). You can create your own message box using our WS-MsgBox. It needs to be running in a server that is outside of the firewall or can open a listening port that can receive messages from the notification server.

Brief Messages View

Whole message view (click for larger view)

(2) Subscription Administration web interface.

You can manage your subscription through the Administration web page ( You can view all subscriptions and delete subscriptions. You just need to enter your broker URL and click "Check Subscription" button.

5. Document for LEAD project

Document for LEAD project is available here. It has information specific to LEAD project.

6. Publications:

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7. Contact

Please contact Yi Huang (yihuan AT, Aleksander Slominski (aslom AT and Chathura Herath (cherath AT for any problems or questions.


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