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Related efforts

The universality and extensibility of XML facilitates the use of SOAP as a basis for building other higher-level services (e.g., protocols for service discovery, event subscription, message queuing, etc.). One example is Microsoft Corporation's Biztalk [12], a framework for secure document and message exchange based on XML and MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions). Biztalk extends the SOAPv1.1 protocol and a BizTalk Document is a SOAPv1.1 message. The message body is a MIME document and the message header contains BizTalk-specific entries.

In scientific computing, XSIL (Extensible Scientific Interchange Language [31]) is an XML-based system that consists of a data format for describing scientific data and a mapping into the Java object structure. XSIL provides a core set of basic elements, (tables, arrays, streams etc.) that can be extended with user-defined data element types. A SOAP encoding-style could permit XSIL to be transported in SOAP messages.

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