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Multiple messaging systems are available. However, there is a need for a messaging framework that is designed to work with scientific applications, which communicate in Grid environments over Internet protocols.

XEvents/XMessages provides a simple framework for reliable application level messaging called XMessages and an events system called XEvents, which is built on top of the XMessages framework. We have defined and implemented special features identified as important for scientific applications. We have a SOAP 1.1 based messaging system with client libraries for Java and C/C++ to facilitate sending events from legacy code in a reliable fashion and Java library to allow persistent subscriptions and querying of application event history from persistent event source.

As there are multiple messaging and events system in use during design we were concerned to allow for easy interactions with other systems: XMESSAGES allow to encapsulate easily any message under condition that it can be converted to XML and XEvents define an Event base type that can be extended to carry events from other event systems.

For more detailed overview please refer to our technical report and PowerPoint slides.


NOTE: this is ALPHA version - it works but API and implementation is still under development.

Before downloading please browse source code and read current documentation.

Last known working verison either only source or with all binaries (class files and all required jar fiels) is available for download as ZIP or tarball.

You can check also the latest bleeding edge of the system directly from our CVS.

Old SoapRMI Events

This is history now but we still make available overview of old SoapRMI events.

NOTE: XMessages/XEvents is superset of this functionality addressing shortcomings that we identified in SoapRMI events.

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