XSOAP toolkit (a.k.a. SoapRMI)

News and updates

Please check main XGWS page for news and updates about XSOAP and see list of detailed changes in XSOAP.


Please read XSOAP overview. For more information about XSOAP/Java please check documentation (online Javadocs)and especially FAQ. We finished work on it and we provide downloadable Java version of XSOAP-Java 1.2.

We are currently not supporting XSOAP C++ as we are developing a new version. We expect to get this done soon. We will put up a link on the web pages as soon as we are done and will also send you an email. Please check main page for news related to XSOAP and XGWS and send questions to Madhusudhan Govindaraju.

Mailing list

Our old soaprmi mailing list is available but we encourage XSOAP and XML Pull Parser (XPP) users to subscribe to new XGWS mailing lists. There are two lists xgws-user for our current users and xgws-dev for those brave souls that want to be on "cutting edge" of XSOAP, XPP, and related tools development (see main XGWS page more details).

You can subscribe to old mailing list using Mailman interface or just browse list archives.


We wrote a paper (accepted for SuperComputing 2000) that addresses the following questions:

This paper addresses these questions and shows that SOAP can be used to build a reliable, multi-protocol RMI system that can access desktop component technology like Microsoft COM and other non-Java software components. However, when additional performance is needed a multi-protocol approach allows a faster, more specialized protocol to be dynamically inserted to move data. Several efforts have been started to extend SOAP to have security and higher performance.

Source code of test framework used t obtain results can also be downloaded.

XML Pull Parser

XML Pull Parser 2 (XPP2) was designed for and it should be optimal for applications that require fast and small XML parser such as SOAP implementations - for more detail see XML Pull Parser Page.


Our newest implementation of XSOAP-Java 1.2 is now available (it is a complete rewrite and is not yet well tested but previous stable 1.1 version is also available).

You may also download the latest version of XML Pull Parser.

You may download tests for SC00. We have packed the required jar files and source files needed to execute the tests (the results of our tests are also included). Available as ZIP or JAR file.


All our paper are now gathered in one common location under XGWS.


SOAP RMI 1.0, is our old implementation of RMI based on nanoSOAP - a simple SOAP v1.0 serialization and deserialization mechanism. SOAP RMI uses an XML-Schema specification of the server interface to generate the associated stubs and skeletons. A remote object reference is an HTTP URL along with information that uniquely identifies the instance. The stubs and skeletons do not directly interact with the SOAP implementation, but instead use a communication object which is an abstraction that helps hide the underlying implementation of SOAP. This design is useful as it allows run-time insertion of different SOAP implementations.

If you are interested you can take a look at our stubCompiler this is specialized for SoapRMI 1.0.

Our old implementation of SOAPRMI is available. It uses SOAP 1.0 serialization but is not fully SOAP 1.0 complaint. Available as ZIP or JAR file.

And Future ...

We hope that you enjoy XSOAP, XML Pull Parser and our other creations and we always welcome your comments! SoapTeam: Extreme Computing Lab


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