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Uses of XmlNode in org.gjt.xpp

Subinterfaces of XmlNode in org.gjt.xpp
 interface XmlPullNode
          This class represents pullable XML subtree - children are built on demand.

Methods in org.gjt.xpp that return XmlNode
 XmlNode XmlPullParserFactory.newNode()
          Return new XML node.
 XmlNode XmlPullParserFactory.newNode(XmlPullParser pp)
          Return new XML node that is represeting tree from current pull parser start tag.
 XmlNode XmlPullParserFactory.readNode( reader, boolean closeAtEnd)
          Read XmlNode from input - essentially it is utility function that will create instance of pull parser, feed input inpt it and return new node tree parsed form the input.
 XmlNode XmlPullParserFactory.readNode( reader)
          Equivalent to calling readNode(reader, false);
 XmlNode XmlPullNode.newNode()
 XmlNode XmlNode.newNode()
          context sensitive factory method to create the same type of node
 XmlNode XmlNode.newNode(java.lang.String amespaceUri, java.lang.String localName)
 XmlNode XmlNode.getParentNode()

Methods in org.gjt.xpp with parameters of type XmlNode
 void XmlRecorder.writeNode(XmlNode node)
 void XmlPullParserFactory.writeNode(XmlNode node, writer, boolean closeAtEnd)
 void XmlPullParserFactory.writeNode(XmlNode node, writer)
          Equivalent to calling writeNode(node, writer, false);
 void XmlPullParser.readNodeWithoutChildren(XmlNode node)
          Read node: it calls readStartTag and then if parser is namespaces aware currently declared nemaspeces will be added and defaultNamespace will be set.
 byte XmlPullParser.readNode(XmlNode node)
          Read subtree into node: call readNodeWithoutChildren and then parse subtree adding children (values obtained with readXontent or readNodeWithoutChildren).
 void XmlNode.setParentNode(XmlNode parent)

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Note this package is deprecated by XPP3 that implements XmlPull API