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Uses of XmlPullParserException in org.gjt.xpp

Methods in org.gjt.xpp that throw XmlPullParserException
 void XmlTag.modifyTag(java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String localName, java.lang.String rawName)
          Modify tag to have namespace URI, localName and rawName.
 void XmlStartTag.addAttribute(java.lang.String namespaceUri, java.lang.String localName, java.lang.String rawName, java.lang.String value)
          parameters modeled after SAX2 attribute approach
 void XmlStartTag.addAttribute(java.lang.String namespaceUri, java.lang.String localName, java.lang.String rawName, java.lang.String value, boolean isNamespaceDeclaration)
          Parameter isNamespaceDeclaration if true indicates that attribute is related to namespace management and may be ignored by normal processing
 void XmlStartTag.ensureAttributesCapacity(int minCapacity)
          Pre-allocate if necessary tag data structure to hold at least minCapacity attributes .
 void XmlStartTag.removeAttributes()
          remove all atribute
 boolean XmlStartTag.removeAttributeByName(java.lang.String uri, java.lang.String localName)
          This method tries to remove attribute identified by namespace uti and local name.
 boolean XmlStartTag.removeAttributeByRawName(java.lang.String rawName)
          This method tries to remove attribute identified by raw name. XmlRecorder.getOutput()
 void XmlRecorder.setOutput( out)
 void XmlRecorder.write(java.lang.Object o)
 void XmlRecorder.writeXml(XmlWritable w)
 void XmlRecorder.writeContent(java.lang.String s)
 void XmlRecorder.writeEndTag(XmlEndTag etag)
 void XmlRecorder.writeStartTag(XmlStartTag stag)
 void XmlRecorder.writeStartTagStart(XmlStartTag stag)
 void XmlRecorder.writeStartTagAsEndTag(XmlStartTag stag)
 void XmlRecorder.writeNode(XmlNode node)
static XmlPullParserFactory XmlPullParserFactory.newInstance()
          Get a new instance of a PullParserFactory used to create XPP.
static XmlPullParserFactory XmlPullParserFactory.newInstance(java.lang.String factoryClassName)
          Get a new instance of a PullParserFactory from given class name.
static XmlPullParserFactory XmlPullParserFactory.newInstance(java.lang.Class classLoaderCtx)
          Get a new instance of a PullParserFactory used to create XPP.
 void XmlPullParserFactory.setNamespaceAware(boolean awareness)
          Specifies that the parser produced by this factory will provide support for XML namespaces.
 XmlPullParser XmlPullParserFactory.newPullParser()
          Create new XML pull parser.
 XmlEndTag XmlPullParserFactory.newEndTag()
          Create new end tag.
 XmlNode XmlPullParserFactory.newNode()
          Return new XML node.
 XmlNode XmlPullParserFactory.newNode(XmlPullParser pp)
          Return new XML node that is represeting tree from current pull parser start tag.
 XmlPullNode XmlPullParserFactory.newPullNode(XmlPullParser pp)
          Return new XML pull node that is represeting tree from current pull parser start tag.
 XmlStartTag XmlPullParserFactory.newStartTag()
          Return new XML start tag.
 XmlFormatter XmlPullParserFactory.newFormatter()
          Return new XML formatter.
 XmlRecorder XmlPullParserFactory.newRecorder()
          Return new XML recorder.
 XmlNode XmlPullParserFactory.readNode( reader, boolean closeAtEnd)
          Read XmlNode from input - essentially it is utility function that will create instance of pull parser, feed input inpt it and return new node tree parsed form the input.
 XmlNode XmlPullParserFactory.readNode( reader)
          Equivalent to calling readNode(reader, false);
 void XmlPullParserFactory.writeNode(XmlNode node, writer, boolean closeAtEnd)
 void XmlPullParserFactory.writeNode(XmlNode node, writer)
          Equivalent to calling writeNode(node, writer, false);
 void XmlPullParserBufferControl.setHardLimit(int value)
 void XmlPullParserBufferControl.setSoftLimit(int value)
 void XmlPullParserBufferControl.setBufferShrinkable(boolean shrinkable)
 void XmlPullParser.setInput( in)
          Set the input for parser.
 void XmlPullParser.setInput(char[] buf)
          Set the input for parser.
 void XmlPullParser.setInput(char[] buf, int off, int len)
          Set the input for parser.
 void XmlPullParser.reset()
          Reset the parser state.
 void XmlPullParser.setAllowedMixedContent(boolean enable)
          Allow for mixed element content.
 void XmlPullParser.setNamespaceAware(boolean enable)
          Indicate that the parser understands XML Namespaces
 void XmlPullParser.setNamespaceAttributesReporting(boolean enable)
          Make parser to report xmlns* attributes.
 java.lang.String XmlPullParser.getQNameLocal(java.lang.String qName)
          Return local part of qname.
 java.lang.String XmlPullParser.getQNameUri(java.lang.String qName)
          Return uri part of qname.
 void XmlPullParser.readNamespacesPrefixes(int depth, java.lang.String[] prefixes, int off, int len)
          Return namespace prefixes for element at depth
 void XmlPullParser.readNamespacesUris(int depth, java.lang.String[] uris, int off, int len)
          Return namespace URIs for element at depth
          Get next parsing event.
 byte XmlPullParser.getEventType()
          Returns the type of the current element (START_TAG, END_TAG, CONTENT, etc)
 boolean XmlPullParser.isWhitespaceContent()
          Check if last CONTENT contained only whitespace characters.
 int XmlPullParser.getContentLength()
          Return how big is content.
 java.lang.String XmlPullParser.readContent()
          Read current content as Stirng.
 void XmlPullParser.readEndTag(XmlEndTag etag)
          Read current end tag.
 void XmlPullParser.readStartTag(XmlStartTag stag)
          Read current start tag.
 void XmlPullParser.readNodeWithoutChildren(XmlNode node)
          Read node: it calls readStartTag and then if parser is namespaces aware currently declared nemaspeces will be added and defaultNamespace will be set.
 byte XmlPullParser.readNode(XmlNode node)
          Read subtree into node: call readNodeWithoutChildren and then parse subtree adding children (values obtained with readXontent or readNodeWithoutChildren).
 byte XmlPullParser.skipNode()
          Goes directly to the next sibling
 XmlNode XmlPullNode.newNode()
 XmlPullNode XmlPullNode.newPullNode(XmlPullParser pp)
 XmlPullParser XmlPullNode.getPullParser()
          Get parser that is use to build this node tree and this pull node becomes finished - the caller is responsibile to move pull parser state to the end tag of this node (or parent pull node will be left in unconsistent state!!!!).
 void XmlPullNode.setPullParser(XmlPullParser pp)
          Reset pull node to use pull parser.
 java.lang.Object XmlPullNode.readNextChild()
          This is preferred method to pull children (children() requires .wrapping object Enumeration).
 void XmlPullNode.readChildren()
          Read all reminaing children up to end tag.
 void XmlPullNode.skipChildren()
 XmlNode XmlNode.newNode()
          context sensitive factory method to create the same type of node
 XmlNode XmlNode.newNode(java.lang.String amespaceUri, java.lang.String localName)
 void XmlNode.setParentNode(XmlNode parent)
 void XmlNode.appendChild(java.lang.Object child)
 void XmlNode.insertChildAt(int pos, java.lang.Object child)
 void XmlNode.removeChildAt(int pos)
 void XmlNode.replaceChildAt(int pos, java.lang.Object child)
 void XmlNode.ensureChildrenCapacity(int minCapacity)
 void XmlNode.removeChildren()
          Removes all children - every child that was implementing XmlNode will have set parent to null.
 java.lang.String XmlNode.getQNameLocal(java.lang.String qName)
          Return local part of qname.
 java.lang.String XmlNode.getQNameUri(java.lang.String qName)
          Return uri part of qname.
 java.lang.String XmlNode.prefix2Namespace(java.lang.String prefix)
          return namespace for prefix searching node tree upward.
 java.lang.String XmlNode.namespace2Prefix(java.lang.String namespaceUri)
          return prefix for namesapce searching node tree upward.
 void XmlNode.setDefaultNamespaceUri(java.lang.String defaultNamespaceUri)
          Set default namesapce URI (xmlns='....')
 void XmlNode.readDeclaredNamespaceUris(java.lang.String[] uris, int off, int len)
 void XmlNode.readDeclaredPrefixes(java.lang.String[] prefixes, int off, int len)
 void XmlNode.ensureDeclaredNamespacesCapacity(int minCapacity)
 void XmlNode.addNamespaceDeclaration(java.lang.String prefix, java.lang.String namespaceUri)
 void XmlNode.addDeclaredNamespaces(java.lang.String[] prefix, int off, int len, java.lang.String[] namespaceUri)
          NOTE: node SHOULD NOT keep references to passed arrays!
 void XmlNode.removeDeclaredNamespaces()

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Note this package is deprecated by XPP3 that implements XmlPull API