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Uses of XmlStartTag in org.gjt.xpp

Subinterfaces of XmlStartTag in org.gjt.xpp
 interface XmlNode
          This class represents XML subtree.
 interface XmlPullNode
          This class represents pullable XML subtree - children are built on demand.

Methods in org.gjt.xpp that return XmlStartTag
 XmlStartTag XmlPullParserFactory.newStartTag()
          Return new XML start tag.

Methods in org.gjt.xpp with parameters of type XmlStartTag
 void XmlRecorder.writeStartTag(XmlStartTag stag)
 void XmlRecorder.writeStartTagStart(XmlStartTag stag)
 void XmlRecorder.writeStartTagAsEndTag(XmlStartTag stag)
 void XmlPullParser.readStartTag(XmlStartTag stag)
          Read current start tag.

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Note this package is deprecated by XPP3 that implements XmlPull API