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XB1: Xml Infoset Builder Version 1

What is it?

Lightweight Java API to represent XML Infoset that is based on Common API for XML Pull Parsing and works very well with XPP3/MX1.

See also short presentation about XB1 design [40K PPT]

How to use it?



XPath support

It is based on Jaxen (to avoid JAR hell the package was renamed to put it in XB1 package namespace)

Make sure to include xpp3_xpath-VERSION.jar

import org.xmlpull.v1.builder.xpath.Xb1XPath;
org.xmlpull.v1.builder.XmlDocument doc = 
Xb1XPath xpath = new Xb1XPath( xpathExpr );
Iterator resultsIter = xpath.selectNodes( doc ).iterator();

Read more on on how to use Jaxen XPath API and learn XPath by using XPath Explorer (which is based on Jaxen).

How to get it?

XB1 API and implementation is part of XPP3/MXP1 and you can also browse online CVS with XB1 source code

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