Home page of XML Pull Parser Version 2 (XPP2)

NOTE: XPP2 is no longer developed and is on maintenance mode. All active developement concentrates on its successor XPP3/MXP1.

XPP2 final and very stable release is available for download (see main page for list of changes)

XML Pull Parser 2 (XPP2) is a simple and fast incremental XML parser:

XPP2 provides a full XML development toolkit that works from small J2ME enabled devices to J2EE servers. For more information please see more detailed XPP2 overview.

Before using please read documentation, especially description of API and generated Javadoc then browse through samples and source code.

Full XML Pull Parser 2 Java is available for download under open source license (see included LICENSE.txt).

Please post your comments, suggestions for improvements (and bug reports!) to SoapRMI mailing list.


Aleksander Slominski and SoapTeam @ Extreme Computing Lab


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Aleksander Andrzej Slominski
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