Xydra - An automatic form generator for Web Services


Xydra is a library that uses servlet to provide XHTML based WSDL invoker. Xydra servlet takes WSDL with XML Schema complex types as input, generates XHTML form to allow user to fill content of input message, gathers submitted input values and converts form name-value pairs into XML message that is sent it to Web Service and then finally displays result message.

One could ask: there are other WSDL invokers so what makes Xydra unique? Here is couple reasons:

Sample installation is available online to test drive Xydra. It is open source so anybody can play with it, improve it, and give us feedback, patches are gladly accepted, we may even fix some bugs when reported (good bug report that contains all information necessary to reproduce problem and/or unit test greatly increases chances of getting problem fixed ...)


Deployed Services

Source code and JAR file


Xydra was designed and implemented by:

from Extreme Computing Lab.

For inquires, comments, request for enhancements and bugs please subscribe to our mailing list: http://mailman.cs.indiana.edu/mailman/listinfo/xgws-user

Form generator
Authors: Extreme! Computing (Octav Chipara and Aleksander Slominski )
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