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The Alliance Portal contains a collection of portlets written by the Alliance Portal team. Our portlets are targeted to the construction of a Grid portal, a web portal by which a user can access Grid tools and services. The following is a list of portlets we are currently developing:

  • Proxy Manager:

    The Proxy Manager portlet is a utility that allows users to load GSI proxy credentials into their account via MyProxy. The proxy credentials are stored into the user's storage area (specified by portlet API) and so are accessible to other portlets (e.g., GridFTP File Browser). Users have the ability to remove their proxy credentials from the storage area at any time.

    To use MyProxy client tools, you must set up your Globus environment. Set the GLOBUS_LOCATION environment variable to the location of your MyProxy installation.
    For example, for an Extreme! Lab user, set your GLOBUS_LOCATION to be /l/extreme/local/packages/MyProxy/0.4.6, and MYPROXY_SERVER
    Then, depending on your shell, run one of the following commands:
    For csh shells: % source $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/globus-user-env.csh
    For sh shells: % . $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/
    After that, run the command /l/extreme/local/packages/MyProxy/0.4.6/bin/myproxy-init from your local machine to store a credential for later retrieval.

    Click here, for more information.

  • LDAP Browser:

    The LDAP Browser portlet is an interface to access the contents of the LDAP servers. Users can get the attributes of the current nodes by simply clicking the node link, or explore deeper into the LDAP directory tree by clicking its corresponding icon. Users can customize their own LDAP Browser portlet for different LDAP server name, port and base DN.

    Click here, for more information.

  • GridFTP Client:

    The GridFTP Client portlet provides the basic client functions of Grid FTP with a friendly interface. The users had the ability to browse their files on a remote machine via GridFTP. User's have the option to download files from the remote machine and upload files to the remote machine. Optionally, users can transfer files between two remote machines (i.e., third party transfer).

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  • Gram Job Launcher

    The Gram Job Launcher portlet allows the user to submit jobs on a grid using the GRAM protocol. For this the user must have a valid GSI Proxy Certificate which can be loaded through the Proxy Manager portlet.

    Note, current development is targeted to the Jetspeed portal framework.

  • Grid Utilities

    These include the "Grid Ping" utility and the "Grid Job Submission" utility. The GridPing portlet can ping a resource on a grid and determine if the user has access to it or not. The Grid Job Submission portlet is similar to the Gram Job Launcher portlet except that this portlet will not return till the job has completed. The output and the error of the job is displayed by the portlet

  • OGSA Browser

    The OGSA Browser portlet allows you to contact a Grid Service and query it for Service Data Elements (SDE). You can query a SDE by using the name of the SDE as the query string. You can also obtain a list of SDEs by using "serviceDataName" as the query string. Once you get a list of all the SDEs, you can click on each SDE to query it.

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